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It was a really interesting game! The creatures remind me a bit of an old game I used to play called Nanovor. Kinda wish there was an easier way to rumpus with people besides just joining the discord cause I feel like if I joined I'd just leave like 20 minutes later. The music was a good fit though and the goops are all super cute! Made a video, I hope you enjoy! I might make a part 2 at some point soon. 

My nanoscope was updating when they shut down that game, and it got corrupted. So checking this out now!

That is honestly heartbreaking

Enjoyed this greatly. Did goop with somebody which may of made the game abit of a slap fest but the idea is super neat. I can see why Seth was saying it's a systems game now :P Good work bros!

Looks beautiful - nice polish!!  The slapping FXs during the fight is a great touch.  I went all dodge and was able to get lucky a few times with HP left.  #blessed baby!

Played a bit of this on my channel! Got a lil overwhelmed by all the stats. :P

Great game 10/10 just wish there were more people on the discord to mix with.