An MMO in a weekend

Hey everyone!

We're so excited to unleash Fields of Goop. Ever since we started making games 7 years ago, we've wanted to create an MMO. As the Shenanijam approached this year we sat back and thought - why wait?

Adam and Seth, our web and game programmers, pulled some heroics to both learn how to do server-based gameplay, and to debug it in the hours leading up to making the build live. Shi, our platform specialist, integrated Discord Rich Presence into the game, which felt like the perfect cherry on top of this absurd achievement.

As for me, on the art side, I had a blast making this weird world come to life. I've included a few gifs of the works-in-progress from the duration of the jam as an extra little bonus.

If the servers don't immediately melt, we'll see you in the Field!



P.S.  - hit 'x' to plop. It's the best.

Get Fields of Goop (FoG)


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you all are friggen amazing!  Sam, these arts are fantastic!!!!