A downloadable Bedty the Yedti for Windows

Butterscotch Shenanigans

Bedty the Yedti was boating in the ocean one day, when OH NO! The sea levels started rising super fast because of Global Warming. Now, Bedty has only one choice: to paddle her boat up Mt. Everest to escape CERTAIN DOOM.

BUT WAIT! Yedti Culture is all about respect, and furthermore, it's important to plan for your retirement. Bedty can do sweet flips on the way up the mountain to accrue Yedti Respect, and earn sweet, sweet interest payments on all those hard-earned Yedti Coins!

Made in 48 hours for the STL Scatterjam, October 2016.

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AuthorButterscotch Shenanigans
Tagsbanking, boat, global-warming, Vector, yeti


Bedty.exe 15 MB


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prefer flop rocket and roid rage to this.....the fast motion hurts my eyes, though its less here than in switchcars. I think itd be better to remove the obstacles all together. The more stuff you hit, it gets shovelled into the ocean , increasing rate of sealevel rise. (keep a few permadeath obstacles) Zombie tsunami / miami shark type fun i was thinking.