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Levelhead is a creative platformer for 1-4 players. Run, jump, and warp up the Levelhead Division corporate ladder in the single-player campaign, research new elements for your very own level-building workshop, then build and publish levels for the rest of the world to play!

"Levelhead is a spectacularly strange and varied thing... it’s an impulsive and endearing platformer, drip-fed by a genius hoard of masochistic level designers."
Rock Paper Shotgun

LISTEN UP, NEW EMPLOYEE! The Bureau of Shipping has a bunch of newly formed delivery robots runnin' around, and someone's gotta teach them the ropes. That someone is YOU. You've got your very own GR-18 and you'll need to work that little robo through training, then build and share obstacle courses with the other Levelheads so we can start dispatching these little robo buddies across the galaxy!

Welcome to the Levelhead division!


  • Master the challenging platforming campaign - Take control of GR-18, a delivery robot in-training, as you run, jump, and blast your way across a challenging campaign, unlocking new technology for your Workshop all the while.
  • Build your own levels - Hop into the Workshop to create your own levels with dozens of elements including enemies, hazards, paths, switches, secrets, weather fx, and power-ups.
  • Share your creations with the world - Publish your Workshop levels for the world to enjoy and see your Play Time and Attempts stats rack up! With robust search and subscription, Levelhead makes amassing a following and playing nearly infinite content from around the world a breeze.
  • Couch Co-op Creativity - Levelhead lets you play with up to 4 friends on the same couch for some downright hilarious entertainment. And if you want to really reach for those relationship goals, hop into the Workshop with friends and build levels with everyone at once.

For more game details and to join the community, hop into the Discord or the Subreddit.


The Demo contains the first 13 levels of the campaign (1.5ish hours of platforming, depending on your skillz) and access to the workshop, so you can experience building your own levels. It does not include any online components, so you are not able to publish your levels or play community levels. However, if you purchase the full game your progress (and builds) from the demo will move right over!

Install instructions

Levelhead will download as a .zip file. To play the game, unzip the contents of this file anywhere you like, and then double-click the "Levelhead.exe" file that you unzipped. You can also create a shortcut to this file by dragging it to your taskbar, or right-click-dragging it to your Desktop and choosing "Create Shortcut."


Levelhead for Windows (zip) 195 MB
Version 0.8.7 Jun 25, 2019

Development log


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Hey! I really enjoyed playing the demo of your game and made a YouTube video of me playing it! Can't wait to play more on Steam! I hope you get a chance to check out my video, thanks for making a great game! :) 

(I'll upload the other 3 parts this week :) )



Could I use the Character in level head for a smash bros. Inspired game I am making. I have added all the 1st party characters so far. I am just looking for 3rd party ones. So, could I use him?

Also what's its name?

Made another video

Great game!

Made a video

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Super fun game! Definitely thinking of buying the full game even after just a few levels! 


Wow. I've got the full game, and lemme tell ya, you SHOULD buy it. it's It's just... AMAZING. I'm addicted! I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!!!


Ive got the full game on steam and i gotta say, its worth the money, asspecialy the multiplayer campaign. I can't wait for more updates :D

hi .. could you tell me what engine did you use to make this game?

they use gamemaker studio 2

I guess that i don't need to download it again because i've already bought it

Love the pod, looking forward to trying it

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i dare you to download this demo and play it for a bit and not want to immediately buy the full game.  i can't even fathom anyone not wanting to.  this game is my life and i no longer want to make games because i just want to build and play levels instead.  i would rate this game 10 stars (out of 5) if i could.

Man, windows only :'(

We're waiting on an engine fix for Mac, but we'll have that out as soon as we can!

Can't wait!


This game is pretty incredible. The mechanics, layout, and editor are all well laid out. It does a nice job mixing Mario nostalgia and modern platformers.


This game has consumed my life. I can't stop playing it! The editor is so powerful that you can create levels that reconfigure themselves on the fly or that have randomized puzzles. Anything is possible!


This game great! I want mooooorreee!

There is a full version on steam dude


This is amazing!! If you aren't sold on the game yet, try it out and there is a big change you want mmmooorrreeeee :D